Transportation of animals

Safe and secure transportation of your pets provides reliable transport of animals to various points in the country and abroad. We carry out this responsible task using specialized vehicles equipped with everything necessary for the safety of the animals. In most cases, a person travels with the animals to take care of them. This is a trained person who makes sure they have every comfort during the long journey.

Any journey is stressful for the animals, so we do our best to provide them with peace of mind, security and comfort. The absence of their owner is compensated by a trained attendant who provides food and water during the long journeys and cleans the cages when necessary.

Choosing for animal transport, you do not need to think about anything else, except for handing over your pet to our courier. We have the care to provide a cage of the right size that is cleaned and disinfected, without risks to the health of the animal. It will be comfortable until the end of the journey when it will be handed over to the recipient. We provide a cash on delivery service which is payable on delivery.

We offer a reliable courier service to transport all types of pets.

If you need to transport animals to an address abroad, we provide assistance in preparing the documents necessary to pass through customs.
Any animal travelling abroad must be accompanied by documents required by the health authorities. provides optimal conditions for transporting animals by plane, road or train.
In all cases, caring for the health and comfort of the animal is our priority.

Transportation of pets to different parts of the country can be done with or without an escort according to the client's request.

During the journey, the animals are provided with peace of mind, each in a separate cage sized according to their size and weight. holds a license for the transport of animals, fulfilling all the requirements of the control authorities.

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