Transport of animals abroad

Safe and secure transportation of your pets has a license to transport animals abroad – England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and other countries on individual trips. Transporting pets through customs and borders is always a problematic endeavor. A lot of paperwork has to be prepared, a suitable cage for the animal has to be provided and a number of other formalities. Apart from anything else, it has physiological needs that make long crossings even more difficult. We ensure your pet’s journey by saving you all these inconveniences.

The door-to-door service is very convenient for people who need to send animals abroad, but do not have the ability to handle all the travel commitments. We can provide the necessary paperwork, a suitable cage and everything you need. In cases where the animal is being sent for sale, we can provide cash on delivery.

When transporting animals abroad, we use specialized vehicles equipped with everything you need for maximum convenience.

During transport, the temperature in the vehicle is kept optimal to prevent the animals from suffering from cold and heat.
They are constantly cared for, provided with food, water and exercise.
The cars have the necessary certificates.
The companions are trained and knowledgeable about the animals’ needs, providing not only food and water, but also the security of not being alone during the journey. assists in providing the necessary documents for the animals to go abroad. We are familiar with all international practices and meet the requirements of the control authorities of each country. With us, pets travel smoothly abroad and reach the recipient unharmed.

In cases where animals have to travel by train or plane, we arrange the departure formalities. Large breeds create a lot of difficulties when travelling because of the size of the cages and the need for more animal care.

Call us to discuss your options for taking exotic breeds or large animals out of the country. Some breeds have travel restrictions, while others present difficulties with their temperament or size. We find a solution for each case individually.

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