Animal transport

Safe and secure transportation of your pets provides reliable transportation of animals in the country and abroad. We work according to all the requirements of the control authorities and customers, providing safe transportation of dogs, cats and other domestic animals. Deliveries can be cash on delivery if customers have such a requirement. We know that animals experience great stress when travelling and being separated from their owner, so we provide a companion.

When transporting animals with a companion, the animals feel very comfortable as they are constantly provided with water, food and the reassuring presence of a kind person by their side. The persons who accompany the animals have undergone special welfare training. For the comfort of the animals, we provide suitable cages that are large enough to comfortably accommodate them. Each cage is cleaned and disinfected so there are no health risks to your pets.

No matter what the reasons for transporting animals, it is important to eliminate stress.

For this purpose, offers different types of vehicles that provide optimal travel conditions – in winter they are heated, in summer they are cooled to make the animals feel comfortable.
Depending on distances, the journey sometimes lasts several hours and in other cases several days for addresses abroad. Even the shortest journey is stressful for any animal, so the presence of a companion is a good option.
Where it is not possible to provide an escort, animals may be transported unaccompanied. In these situations, the comfort of the four-legged passenger is ensured with a comfortable, spacious cage, food and water – if the distance is long. is a licensed animal courier for the country and abroad. We have extensive experience with sending animals to addresses outside the country. In order to make the journey of your pets hassle-free, we provide assistance in clearing all the necessary documents required by the control authorities and customs.

Stress-free travel with Zoo Taxi

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