Transportation of pets

Safe and secure transportation of your pets is a company licensed to transport pets in the country and abroad. In the daily life of animal owners often occur situations where transportation to certain addresses is necessary. If a person does not own a car, or it is unsuitable for the purpose, then our courier service facilitates the process significantly. We own specially equipped vehicles, ensuring the optimum temperature for a comfortable and convenient journey for the animals. You don’t need to have a cage – just call and our couriers will take care of the rest.

The cages we have are of different sizes and construction. When transporting pets, the most important thing is to provide freedom of movement for the animal in a cage that is neither too narrow nor too wide. Before each journey, the vehicles and cages are disinfected and cleaned. We make sure that your pets journey goes smoothly and without stressful situations in a comfortable environment.

Every owner of a dog or cat often has a problem with the transportation of the animal within the city - to the veterinarian or to another address.

With public transport it is impossible or very difficult to travel both for the animal and its owner. In such cases, offers fast and convenient transport in suitable vehicles.
We transport animals domestically and internationally quickly and affordably. When transporting abroad, animals are provided with all the necessary documents.
We provide specialized courier services cash on delivery option, cage security and other amenities.

The vehicles we have are of suitable dimensions for pet transport. If necessary, an attendant is provided to take care of the animals during the journey.

Abroad, animals can travel by plane, car or train. The most appropriate method is chosen according to their size and the time it takes to reach the recipient's address.

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