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Safe and secure transportation of your pets provides courier services for the transport of domestic animals. If your pet needs to be taken to the vet or somewhere else in the city, we will take care of transporting it to the address. Situations in which you need to transport an animal from one place to another often arise suddenly, and organizing its transportation is not an easy task. We make it as easy as possible for our customers when they need to send an animal urgently to an address in the country or abroad.

Our customers can rely on door-to-door service, and are only required to hand over the pet to the courier and the delivery address. We take care of the rest. Our vehicles are specially equipped for pet transport. They are kept strictly hygienic and at the optimum temperature in all seasons. There is no danger of frostbite or overheating of the animals. If the customer wishes, we provide a trained attendant. is a licensed courier that provides quality pet transport services at affordable prices.                                  

Our employees have undergone a welfare course at the University of Forestry.
We provide door-to-door transport of dogs, cats and other domestic animals in vehicles with the necessary certificates.
Owners of ornamental animals that have special needs can trust us for their domestic and international transportation needs.
We can provide the optimum conditions for their pets to feel comfortable and arrive unharmed at the specified address.

When transporting pets abroad, there are a number of issues to resolve. Each animal must have the necessary paperwork in order to pass through customs. assists in providing the necessary formalities for the trip. In cases where pets are exotic animals that are particularly sensitive when travelling, we provide optimal conditions for transportation.

Trust our couriers to take care of your four-legged pets with love and professionalism.

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Trust our professional experience in transporting animals.

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