Dog transport

Safe and secure transportation of your pets

Transportation of dogs with specialized transport – specially equipped vehicles providing a high level of comfort and safety for your pets. We offer transport of dogs of all breeds throughout the country without risk to their health. We know that any change in the daily habits of animals is a cause of stress, so we have created conditions for a peaceful journey. Each dog is in an individual crate that is secured and disinfected. Before the trip, we give owners instructions on what actions to take to make their pets feel more comfortable by the time they reach their destination.

Our couriers are responsive to any situation where dogs need to be transported. Owners of large breed dogs have great difficulty transporting them even short distances. Special vehicles are provided for such cases, which can comfortably accommodate even the largest dogs. They travel in strict compliance with safety requirements.

We understand that every dog has individual needs and we try to provide everything the animal needs during the trip.

Air conditioning ensures optimum temperature in all seasons.
For long distances and long journeys, walks shall be provided at specified intervals.
The dog has access to food and water, and also enough space in a cage appropriate to its size.
For small breeds as well as for puppies we provide suitable sized cages in which they feel protected and have all the comforts.

When you need an emergency dog transport just give us a call. Our couriers will pick up your pet from your home and deliver it to the address you provide. You do not need to have your own transport cage, our vehicles are equipped with everything you need.

During the trip the dog is without a muzzle as it has no contact with other animals. You can rest assured regarding your dog's health and comfort during the trip as it will be in good hands. Our staff care for the animals entrusted to them with love and attention.

When transporting dogs, we provide the opportunity for them to travel with various accessories provided by their owners - special food, favorite toys, etc. We do everything we can to reduce stress for both the dog and its owner.

Stress-free travel with Zoo Taxi

Trust our professional experience in transporting animals.

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